Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gunung Mulu National Park, World Heritage Area

A while back I wrote about my short excursion to Gunung Mulu National Park (that was way back in 1998) and wanted to do some follow-up postings after that but never did. Anyway here goes. My memories of the place never really left me compared to other places I’ve been to and I never really figured out why. Until yesterday, when I saw my son drew a mountain on his colouring book. “Sharp sharp one, daddy”, he said as he tried to emphasise on how high and sharp the peaks of the mountains her drew were. First thing I thought of was, Mulu. Not Kinabalu (well maybe because I’ve never actually been there, only fantasized about it) or Everest (same reason as well). Gunung Mulu (“gunung” is mountain in the Malay language) would captivate any nature lover down to the very depths of your soul. When you enter what I refer to as ‘hallowed natural ground” that is the entrance to the national park area proper, the very first thing you will notice is the pungent smell of its natural surrounding flora, age-old and strangely enthralling. You will feel as if something or someone is beckoning you to go in further into this realm of ancient natural world, sublimely luring you with thoughts of hidden beautiful places and scenery that you have never encountered before. And I assure you, you would never have. Until you visit Mulu. I’ve got some text book information here (in the subsequent posts) which I’ve borrowed with much gratitude from the official Gunung Mulu National Park website.
A must-go for all.

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