Friday, July 20, 2007

Fish and Fishing

It's the latest thing I have, fishing. I've been trying to look for good fishing spots in and around Kuching City in the last couple of weeks. After my last fishing trip to Tg. Datu, I decided I needed to find some less remote spots which I can just whisk off at a moment's notice and not having the need to prepare much gear before setting off. My good friend Wilfred the Chief suggested the other day, why don't we rent a small sampan (that's a small wooden boat for river travel) and go upstream of Sg. Sarawak, as far up as we can afford to? And I thought, well that's a swell idea, why don't I source for one. So that's where I am right now, sourcing for a small boat to go upriver freshwater fishing. I know of a place at Batu Kitang on the way to Bau town, about 20-25km from the city centre where there are some villages by the riverbanks, and I've seen some of them who've got boats and stuff. Maybe I'll try there.

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