Saturday, November 10, 2007

The City of Miri, Sarawak - Staying at Park City Everly Hotel

I'm sitting in the lobby of Park City Everly Hotel in the city of Miri now, utilising their wifi to connect to the net and conjuring my mind to regurgitate this post. The weather looks fine and sunny from where I'm sitting, showing good signs of how the rest of the day will be like too, at least for this city. It's my first time staying in this hotel, everything looks clean, the bed, the floors of the room, the bathroom. The room I'm in, which I believe is a deluxe superior type of some sort (because it has two queen-sized beds in it) has an interesting view of the newly-constructed marina resort area, built on reclaimed land. I think the project belongs to Samling group of companies (as with most developments in this region). The hotel is strategically located along one of Miri's main roads and is very accessible if you plan to come to Miri for business purposes or even for leisure. As I sit here on this table especially provided for wifi users, I can't help but noticing the hotel staff working round the clock to ensure the tenants or whoever enters the hotel are being well taken of. I see the guy at the door greeting almost every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes in regardless of how many times you pass through the door (looked a bit strange after a while) but I guess that's his job scope. Yup, I'd recommend this place to stay.

I got this aerial view of Miri City from the Healthy City Sarawak website. From Miri you can go to some of Sarawak's well-known natural heritage places such as Mulu National Park and the group of caves at Niah. Plus you can go to Lambir Hills, another national park area accessible via the City. Check out my earlier posts for details on these amazing places.