Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sarawak's Future Business Hub - Bintulu

Already referring to it as my second home now, Bintulu is a town worth noting for I believe in the very near future it will transform into one of Sarawak's most prominent towns in terms of business and industrial development, out pacing other more established cities or towns such as Sibu or Miri in Sarawak.

I personally like Bintulu as it is now for the fact that it's ever so easy to get around. You can get to almost any part of the town in just a matter of minutes (well, maybe not when school is out). There is hardly any traffic jam or congestion (except for of course when school is out) and it's just a far cry from Kuching City or even Miri. Of course, being a small-ish town also means you don't get the luxury of getting everything that you'd expect from the metropolises. It provides adequate needs, and that's enough for me. No cineplexes or bowling alleys but hell, who needs those things anyway. Fishing off-coast and boating to the sea is great at Bintulu. Although one thing the local folks are saying is that the fish are going further and further away from the coastal areas.

The price of houses are also cheaper that Kuching, Sibu or Miri. You can get a nice intermediate single storey terraced house for under RM100k here in Bintulu, and it's located like a few minutes drive from the town centre. Can't get that price in Kuching City.

The photo shows Bintulu's old airport which was located right in the middle of town. It's now defunct; the new airport is located soutwest about half an hour's drive away from the town.