Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo - Part II

This is Part II of my Sabah island excursion.

After Manukan Island, we took a 5-minute boat ride to the island of Mamutik. Mamutik is more suitable for swimming and snorkeling I feel, because the water is muc much more clearer than Manukan and there's amazingly less people there. Strange coz I think Mamutik is cleaner and more natural than Manukan. The waves are gentle and the sandy beach is just perfect if you want to laze around in your shorts and get a moderate tan. Crystal clear waters enable you to view the coral fishes as clearly as if they were in your living room aquarium. These photos are just some of those I took of Mamutik. Have to be there to savour the beauty, folks.

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