Friday, May 09, 2008

Hotels in Australia for Frequent Travelers

Traveling for extended periods of time, whether for business or pleasure, would naturally take a toll on one's physical and mental conditions. It is therefore only appropriate that one chooses the best, most comfortable and suitable hotel to crash into as one arrives to rest for the night. If you happen to travel Down Under, then you would be spoiled for choices. Hotels in Australia comes in many different shapes and sizes, with some of them offering services that pamper you to the very limit of your credit card.

For those among you looking for extravagance and luxury, there are many leading international hotel chains in Australia that you can opt for. Sheraton hotels for example, offer many hotel chains throughout the Gold Coast as well as Perth. One of the more popular ones is the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa at the Gold Coast.

Another popular hotel chain is the international Rydges hotels, with chains in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. There are three Rydges hotel chains in Melbourne, i.e. Rydges Hotel, Rydges on Bell Preston and Rydges on Swanston. These hotels are most suited for business travelers as they provide a range of conference facilities.

Travelodge hotels
is another popular hotel chain in Australia. This hotel chain is more for the budget traveler, such as myself, as they provide basic needs at very reasonable prices. Travelodge hotels provide a consistent blend of modern quality facilities and friendly service. Travelodge Sydney for example, is situated on the edge of the Central Business District, where it is perfectly positioned to explore the city of Sydney.

Radisson Hotels is another popular hotel chain in Australia. Radisson Plaza Hotel in Sydney for example, is an intimate, boutique style, five-star property housed within a stunning heritage listed building located in the heart of Sydney. This hotel is the perfect place to stay for those attending the Musica Viva Festival thanks to its close proximity to each of the Festival event locations.

Thus, before embarking on that business or leisure trip to Australia, make sure you check through these hotel chains first before deciding on the best ones to suit your needs.

(Photos top to bottom: Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa, Rydges Hotel Melbourne, Travelodge Sydney, Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney)

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