Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mukah, Sarawak

I was in Mukah earlier this week for a few days. It was my first trip ever to that rather tranquil town located somewhere central of Sarawak. If you Google Earth it, you'd find that it's located not far off the western coast of Borneo. Mukah is well-known for its rather tasty and reasonably cheap sea food, of which I had the opportunity to sample while I was there.

A local delicacy which perhaps might not come as one which pops out of Martha Stewart's culinary shows as "most recommended appetizer" is the sago plant worm. Basically it's a worm that lives off sago palm and finds its way through the soft inner sago trunk by burrowing quietly and contently through it.

The locals in Mukah cook these for dinner. I've tried it before, but it seems to taste better in Mukah.

It taste very much like potato, only slightly more spongy. Have at it, folks!


Apple said...

I've been to Mukah before too. It's a really small town and yea, it's known for the fresh seafood.

By the way, I never taste the sago worm before. It creeps me. :D

Oh, you're a Kuching blogger too? Maybe you want to join Kuching Bloggers community too! You can get to know more bloggers from Kuching :D

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Ghostpipe said...

Hey apple thx, yeah, I'll check it out and join. I did visit your blog, you're in the IT/tech line, aren't you?