Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ever thought of getting a Vacation Rental for your next Holiday?

When I travel with the family, we more often than not would be staying in the most affordable hotels with the best possible scenery from the 10th floor or something like that. Or a resort of some sort which offers almost everything that you can swipe your credit card with, and some more.

While planning for my short December trip this year, I came across some information on places around the world which offer vacation rentals, i.e. an entire residential that you can rent out for the duration of your holiday. These vacation homes are somewhat affordable and not any more expensive or luxurious than the resort rooms and 4 or 5 star hotels that you'd be normally paying for.

Vacation rentals offer many advantages when compared to renting hotel rooms or resorts. They offer more room, flexibility, amenities, freedom and privacy than a standard hotel room or resort often for less money. The typical vacation rental or beach house offers far more space than a resort or hotel room. A hotel room or resort is often limited to a single room or at most a single separate bedroom and some guests are relegated to sleeping on hide a beds or pull out couches. You would also get more amenities than standard hotel rooms. Vacation rentals will typically offer TVs, VCRs, DVDs and Stereos. They also offer fully equipped kitchens, large spacious bathrooms, and laundry facilities. Many also offer private pools, game rooms, spas and much more!

Privacy is one of the main reasons for the popularity of vacation rentals. Vacation rentals provide your own sanctuary away from crowds. And of course, there is no comparison between a vacation rental and hotel or resort in terms of price. Vacation rentals often offer more space for less money, more freedom, more flexibility, more amenities, and much more privacy for your money. On top of that, the savings provided by kitchen facilities, refrigerators, etc. save significant amounts of money when compared to the price of eating in restaurants every meal of your trip.

Some of the places around the world that I found out which offer very nice, affordable vacation homes are the Cabo San Lucas villa rentals and also the Costa Rica vacation rentals.

So, when planning for your next big holiday trip, be sure to consider getting yourself a vacation rental for more privacy, value for money and lots and lots of spaces for the family.

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I go back to my Alpine Peaks restaurant i feel i was very far from this tensionless world