Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sydney, Australia

I have a colleague, Sam Curtis, who's Australian and he was describing his hometown to a group of us yesterday in one of our short in-house seminars. Sydney is where he comes from and he said it is a terrific city for tourists. I've never been there myself (have only been to Brisbane about 9 years ago) but would definitely like to make my way there. First question that pops up in my head would be, what's the best way to fly there? Well that's easy. Wherever you are, I'm pretty sure you can get a flight to reach Sydney.

Next big question would be, where to stay? Now that gets kind of tricky because you have to book from wherever you are in the world and hope that the place you secured is as you expect it to be. For a start, you can look through the list of hotels in Sydney which offer reasonable rates for avid travellers. I found out - thanks to the technology we refer to as the Net - that Sydney has a range of hotels you can consider, 3 to 5 star hotels all over the city. If you are travelling on a much tighter budget (like myself most of the time), then this is where you should visit to confirm a place that would not burst your wallet.

The third question would be, where do I go in Sydney? That of course is most important, since the whole purpose of travelling is to visit places of interest, historically or aesthetically or other. I found some sites where you could get such info, one of them is this. A very comprehensive information list on the city of Sydney can be found here.

Sydney is now in my wish-list of Places to Visit in the Near Future.

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