Monday, September 03, 2007

Sea, Sand and a Lot of Sun

Sometimes I would ask myself, now where is a good place to go for a vacation where I can enjoy endless sandy beaches, a beautiful view of the sea and plenty of sun? These days it's easier to do so with the Net almost giving you at-your-fingertips information about almost any place in the world that you'd want to visit. But you need information that's reliable and up-to-date and comprehensive, i.e. it's got to tell you almost everything you need to know about what the place has to offer prior to you jetting off to your desired destination. So with that in mind I've resorted to a site or two, one of them is this one on vacations.
Now I'm very much a beach and sand and sun person, so getaways to the seaside or an island resort is always my first choice. I would very much like to visit places like Hawaii and the islands around it. I've heard so much about Maui Island too and would like to go there one day.
In Borneo, we do have plenty of beautiful sandy beaches such as Karambunai and diving spots such as Sipadan island. I'd be lying if I could describe how luscious these places are in just a few lines, so more to come in my next post.

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