Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Travelling Days and Places to Stay

I used to travel quite a lot while I was still studying overseas in the UK. During most of the summer breaks I'd be planning ahead with my mates on the next venue to visit or venture. I've been to Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), quite fun that was. Amsterdam was cool. Plus some others, mostly Europe. Travel was mostly done using trains which, at the time and probably still is, the most cost-efficient means to travel across the European continent. You travel for long hours most days, and if you haven't a posse of fun individuals to travel with, you'd get bored pretty quickly.
When you travel as a student, most of the time you only spend on travel fares, food and the occasional lodging (if you don't end up sleeping at the train station). It's got to be cheap, as cheap as the word goes. I never indulged in shopping for souveniers because I well couldn't afford to. It would be good to go visit places where shopping is relatively cheap.
I've never remembered staying in a, should I say, a proper hotel room back then. It was always one of those small, secluded and very cheap inn or one of the YMCA hostels where you pay for a room to share with four other strangers. Plus sharing the sanitary facilities they provide. But I was not one to complain because a comfortable lodging with a nice warm bed are but a temporary bliss when compared to the joys of discovering new places to see and enjoy.
These days, my method of travelling is down to two main choices: by car or by plane. There is no railway service here in Borneo, for Sabah and Sarawak that is. Your best bet to travel effectively and efficiently is by car, bus or by plane. It's faster by plane if you go from one city or town (with ab airport) to the other.

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