Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seafood's Good If You Know Where To Find a Good Restaurant

Talking about seafood, almost everyone I know love crabs. It's hard to find someone who wouldn't want to get their hands into a good crab dish. I for one love it, and whenever I get the opportunity, I'd go and feast on a good order. The most recent crab meal I had was on the 1st day of Gawai, where my family and I had dinner at a seafood restaurant called Teo Seafood at Kg. Buntal at Santubong, about 20 km from Kuching City. Crabs of an assortment of size and weight, you can choose them in a big orange plastic basin as they scrambled along with their two free hind legs, the rest of their limbs all tied up including their most voracious pinchers. Tell the cook how you'd want them to be prepared, e.g. crab in black pepper sauce, crab fried with eggs, steamed crab, crab in sweet and sour sauce. Whatever the flavour, I love their natural taste and that sea-like smell as their fresh flesh breaks out of their red-brick cooked shell, or exo-skeleton.
Other than crabs, Teo Seafood offers fish, prawn, sea cucumber, oyster, mussels and other seafood dishes at very affordable prices. The food is very fresh, I've never been disappointed ther. Have a trip there one of these days.

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