Thursday, December 28, 2006

Welcoming the New Year

Well, Xmas has come and gone even before I can say "cheese!" The weather has been a sporadic mixture of wet and dry in Kuching, can't say it's the same for the rest of the state and Borneo island since Kuching region is known to be the wettest region of all. It was nice and warm in Kuching on Xmas day, so I guess it was a pretty good Xmas. But let's not forget those who were traumatised and made homeless by the floods in the state of Johore (south of Peninsular M'sia), about 90,000 people the last time I read the news, and the Taiwanese population affected by the very recent earthquake on Tue 26 Dec. And before that of course the landslides in the Philliphines and the quakes/tsunami in Sumatra. Ok plenty more across the world. My point is - be thankful for what you have, folks. I'm typing this right now in the comfort of my s.o.h.o. with semi-torrential rainfall serving as my background symphony for the evening, it's 6 minutes past 10pm and, yes, I'm pretty much thankful.
Happy New Year 2007 to all. May the new year provides a more positive outlook to life here in the Island and the rest of the Planet. Enjoy the photo, I took this November this year while the haze was still around. A nice, idyllic view of Sarawak River.

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