Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Triple H (HHH) "Hash" Run

I don't really know the full history or purpose behind this hash culture of running in the woods but I'm informed that it started way back some 30 or so years ago by ex-patriates who came to Sarawak and brought in the idea of running in the woods to be a healthy recreational activity. It's also an international thing, with some very ardent hashers who spend time running at different parts of the world. I know Miri town north of Sarawak has their own runs, plus Sabah too.

The runs in Kuching City are conducted 3 times a week I think, in the afternoon around 5pm. It's on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I've only been to 2 runs so far, once in 2004 and once this year in July (a very difficult one that). The runs are about 10-15km and the ones I've been to are a mix of undulating terrains, small trails, across rivers, flat surfaces at some spots.

If you want to do the hash run in Kuching (well not in Kuching but the outskirts), you may contact a friend of mine, Chris Martin (012-8492187). He's part of a group of regular hashers who organise the routes for the Wednesday runs. Fee is a minimal RM10 - 15 per run.

By the way did I mention there's a mandatory beer-downing session at the end of the runs? Plus dinner if you're up to it.

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