Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walking the Dog at Night

Last night I was out with a friend of mine walking another friend's dog. A pup to be exact. We were walking through a rather posh part of the City at about 10.30pm and the weather was quite accomodating despite the fact that le haze was still at large. It's been quite a long time since I went out for a walk in the City, let alone at night, since most of the time I'm either racing through the streets in my car, or stuck in front of the pc in my office, or resting in front of the tv, or strumming my Tele nonchalantly, or doing tens of push-ups in my living room (with my 3-year old son riding on my back). So last night was a bloody whole new experience for me. After a very long time. One and a half solid hours of walking through a small part of Kuching City at night. Try it. You see more of what's around you than you could ever imagine if you even had the time to do it from the comfort of your car, whether you're driving or not. The feeling is that of subliminal awe and constant surprise, I was always saying to myself as I walk, hey I didn't know that this thing was here....this thing was there...etc. Learning new things everyday.
For enjoyable, free and meaningful walks in Kuching City, try the Reservoir Park area after 8pm on a weekday. Bring a dog or two. Or if you don't have access to dogs, bring a friend or two. At least you don't have to leash them all the time.

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