Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caves of Mulu - truly unique

In 1998 I had the opportunity, thanks to the nature of my job, to visit one fo the natural world's unadulterated places - Mulu. Declared a world natural heritage site just over 10 years ago (I stand corrected on the exact time it was declared as such), Mulu houses one of the world's oldest - if not the oldest - cave systems, plus a very unique natural limestone structure which protrudes from the side of its mountain range - the Pinnacles. When I was there in '98, I didn't have a very good camera with me so I didn't manage to get any photos worth bragging about. However just recently I stumbled upon this very nice photograph (courtesy of Hamadi) of a view taken from inside one of its largest cave, the Deer Cave. I remember this view vividly in my mind, admist the nauseating odour emanating from the cave floor - thanks to millions of years of rather well-preserved bat guano - and the light drizzle we had the day I was there. I kind of like the way the sunlight peeks sublimely through the cave entrance. Excellent photograph. By the way, the ceiling height of this cave is well over 30 feet. Mulu. Remember the name if you are ever in Sarawak. For any reason.

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