Saturday, October 07, 2006

Caves near Kuching City

More on caves. If you just happen to stop by in Kuching for a short business trip and can't really spare much time and money to go gallivanting across the state, then I suggest you take a trip up to a town called Bau (pronounced "Bow"), approx. 25-30 Km from Kuching City centre. Just on the outskirts of this small town there is a cave system known as the Wind Cave and Fairy Cave. I've been to both but that was quite some time ago. Quite easy to walk through it because elevated wooden walkways have been built inside the caves. Except for some parts which might be inundated with water, if it has been raining heavily the previous night. You got to pay a minimal entrance fee to go in (just a few Malaysian Ringgit, wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket) and remember to bring a good torchlight and a hat or a jacket with a hood. Check my link "Useful for Travellers" for some more info. See photo in this link which shows one of Wind Cave's entrance (

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